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Hey there, coffee enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the world of coffee syrups? Buckle up, because we’re about to explore how these little flavour boosters can turn your favourite drinks and desserts into pure yumminess. Let’s spill the beans on everything you’ve been curious about!

Secret Ingredient: Coffee Syrups

Got a go-to drink or dessert? Guess what – there’s coffee syrup that’s a match made in flavour for it! Picture this: your latte gets sweet caramel syrup, while your mocha has vanilla and chocolate syrup in it. It’s like giving your treats a whole new world of flavours! Ever wondered how cafés make those delicious drinks that keep you coming back for more? Well, it’s no secret – coffee syrups are their not-so-secret weapon! Whether it’s your favourite café or a local coffee shop, they’re using coffee syrups and make drinks unforgettable.

How to use coffee syrups at home + coffee syrups recipes

You can get your hands on these delightful flavour drinks and start your experiments right at home. It’s easy! No fancy equipment required – just your favourite cup and a little bit of syrup magic. You’re in charge of how much flavour you want, making it a personal taste adventure.

Here are a few recipes for you to try at home:

Flavoured Iced Latte:


  • Ice cubes
  • Double espresso
  • 15ml of favourite syrup (caramel, vanilla, hazelnut)
  • Cold milk


  1. Half fill 12oz glass with ice.
  2. Add double espresso
  3. Add 15ml syrup ¾ fill glass with milk
  4. Stir and top up with extra ice cubes to fill.

Refreshing Lemonade:


  • 30ml of your favourite syrup (lemonade, raspberry & pomegranate, grenadine)
  • Still or sparkling water
  • Ice cubes
  • Garnish to serve


  1. Add 30ml of syrup into glass
  2. Fill to ¾ with still or sparkling water
  3. Stir and add ice cubes to fill
  4. Garnish and serve

Chai Passion Soothie:


  • 50ml Mango & Passionfruit smoothie
  • 15ml Chai syrup
  • Hot water


  1. Pour smoothie into cup
  2. Add syrup
  3. Top up with hot water then stir

The Best Coffee Syrup Flavours

From classic vanilla, cozy caramel, and nutty hazelnut to exciting choices like lavender, coconut, and almond – there’s syrup for every mood. The range of the best coffee syrup can include flavours such as:

  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Zesty Orange
  • Dreamy Irish Cream
  • Spiced Cinnamon
  • Sweet Raspberry
  • Refreshing Mint
  • Fruity Strawberry
  • Adventurous Gingerbread

Sip, Smile, Repeat: Easy Cold Drink Recipes

When the sun’s blazing, cold drinks are the name of the game. Guess what? Coffee syrups just became the life of the chill party! Say goodbye to plain iced drinks and hello to refreshing adventures. Think tropical vibes with coconut-infused goodness or a zesty lemonade. It’s the cool duo you never knew you needed. We’ve got your back with easy-peasy cold drink recipes:

Peach And Jasmine Long Island Iced Tea:


  • Ice cubes
  • 15ml Jasmine Lime Iced Tea syrup
  • 7.5ml Peach syrup
  • Tonic water


  1. Fill glass with ice and add Jasmine Lime syrup and Peach syrup
  2. Top up with tonic water and stir

Raspberry Soda:


  • 30ml Raspberry purée
  • Sparkling water
  • Ice cubes


  1. Add puree to glass
  2. Fill to 3/4 with sparkling water
  3. Stir and add ice cubes to fill
  4. Garnish (optional) and serve

Raspberry & Pomegranate Lemonade:


  • 30ml Raspberry & Pomegranate Lemonade syrup
  • Still/sparkling water
  • Ice


  1. Add syrup to glass
  2. Top with still or sparkling water to ¾ full
  3. Stir and add ice

No Sugar, All Flavour: Sugar-Free Syrups

Sugar-free syrups are like a guilt-free flavour for your coffee, allowing you to enjoy delightful tastes without the extra sweetness. They let you savour your favourite coffee syrup flavours while keeping things light and balanced. Sugar-free syrups you can find in classic flavours such as:

  • Sugar-free Caramel syrup
  • Sugar-free Hazelnut syrup
  • Sugar-free Lemon Iced Tea
  • Sugar-free Peach Iced Tea syrup
  • Sugar-free Raspberry Iced Tea syrup
  • Sugar-free Salted Caramel syrup
  • Sugar-free Vanilla syrup

To sum it up, coffee syrups become more and more popular to cafés or playing barista at home. So go on, get creative, mix up your moments, and enjoy the tasty journey that coffee syrups bring to your daily routine

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