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Brown sugar, Cinnamon and Red apple
Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Natural

About This Coffee

Hacienda Sonora sits at the foot of the Poas Volcano. The farm operates on 100% renewable energy generated by a hydroelectric generator that transform rushing rivers into energy. The energy fuels the wet and dry mills and provides free electricity for everyone living and working on the farm. On the whole, Hacienda Sonora has shared their success generously, paying fair wages to all workers and bolstering the local community economy.

Caturra, a coffee variety know for its short, compact stature, is a natural mutation of Bourbon. It was first discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil around 1915. The variety is the result of mutation in a single gene of our Bourbon plant that made the plant smaller but still high yielding. As it spread, Caturra enabled higher-density coffee cultivation.
As a direct-descendant of Bourbon, Caturra is well known for delicate and complex flavors that are often floral and fruity. At the same time, its close relationship with Bourbon means Caturra is very susceptible to coffee leaf rust (CLR) and other common coffee diseases and pests. As a result, Caturra was bred with CLR-resistant hybrids from Timor-Leste, producing the Catimor and its subsequent varieties.

Thanks to tireless innovations, the sheer number of coffee varieties, extensive technical knowledge and attention to coffee production, Costa Rica is one of the most advanced coffee producing countries in Central America.

Roaster Suggestion:

This coffee is full-bodied so start at 18 grams with 37 grams in the cup, brew it over 27 seconds for espresso, adjust from there for your preferred taste.



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