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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. When you visit a website, the website sends cookies to your computer and your computer stores them in a file on your web browser. When you access we generate a cookie and collect some information about your visit.

Why use cookies?

Cookies are used for many different reasons. Cookies are needed for WooCommerce as they contain information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes. Different types of cookies are used:

Session Cookie: The session cookie contains a unique code for each customer so that is knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer. These are automatically deleted when you close your browser. No personal information is stored within these cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies: These are essential to enable you to use the website effectively- example of such is puchasing a product on our website.

Performance Cookies: These collect information on how users interact with our website- this includes what pages are visited most and any other analytical data. We use Google Analytics on our site. These are used to help improve how our website function and to understand how our users interact with the site.

Persistent Cookies: These are stored long term for users logging into our website or filling out any of our contact forms.

We use cookies to track the use on our website. We do this so we get a better understanding of how you use the site and track any usage patterns on the site. This helps us to develop and improve our site.

Blocking Cookies

You can block cookies at any time through your browser settings. If you disable cookies however please be aware that some of the features of our service may not function correctly.

Cookie Consent

On the right hand side of our site we dispaly our cookie notice. This declares that we use cookies. Under GdPR it is required to obtain explicit consent to use our cookies so you need to agree to allow us to set our cookies. Should you disagree to our cookies you can leave our website and deny our cookies.