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The Perfect Blend of Adventure and Coffee by the River Boyne

In the town of Trim, nestled on the banks of the meandering River Boyne, lies a hidden gem that seamlessly combines adventure and relaxation. Boyneista Coffee Dock and Boyne Valley Activities have created a unique haven where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the thrill of kayaking down the river and unwind with a nice cup of coffee. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Gemma and James, the dynamic duo behind Boyneista, to learn about their success story.


Boyneista Coffee Dock was initially conceived as an extension of their kayaking business, which Gemma and James established a decade ago. Recognizing the need for a space where people could gather and relax while waiting for their kayaking adventures, the idea of a coffee dock emerged. The concept was an instant hit, attracting not only the kayakers companions but also coffee enthusiasts in search of a calm spot. What started as a small indoor area quickly grew and became a place where people can wait, refresh and enjoy the view.

The Journey and Location

James, a skilled mechanic by trade, discovered his passion for kayaking seventeen years ago and, together with Gemma, transformed it into a thriving kayaking business. The place is situated along the edge of the River Boyne. Due to the nature of the location the place provide a unique setting that combines the charm of the countryside with the convenience of a town center. Visitors are captivated by the beautiful view, where the river’s gentle flow and the idyllic scenery create quiet atmosphere.

Overcoming Challenges

Like any business, Boyneista has faced its fair share of challenges. For Gemma, one of the challenges is training new staff members, given the seasonal nature of the coffee dock. Ensuring that freshly trained baristas deliver coffee promptly can be demanding. However, their customers understand the wait and enjoy every cup of coffee. James adds that a significant challenge they encounter is spreading awareness about their offerings. Despite their marketing efforts, some individuals remain unaware that Boyneista is open to the public and not exclusively for kayakers.

Why Essence Coffee?

When it came to selecting a coffee supplier for Boyneista, Jemma and James had sustainability in mind from the start. They aimed to support local businesses and hire local people, aligning with their commitment to the community. It was only natural for them to choose Essence Coffee, a locally owned coffee roaster. The partnership with Essence Coffee has proven to be a great success, as their specialty coffee suits perfectly to the atmosphere of Boyneista. Jemma and James express their satisfaction with this collaboration and hope to continue this partnership in the future.

Favourite Aspects of the Business

For Gemma, the best part of running Boyneista is the quiet mornings, where she can enjoy her first cup of coffee while listening to the birds before the day starts. James, with a chuckle, proudly claims the title of “ice cream chief.” As the designated quality control expert, he careful samples the assortment of the frozen treats they offer, ensuring that every flavour meets his high standards. Both Gemma and James relish the opportunity to observe their customers in peaceful atmosphere, experiencing a moment of respite beside the River Boyne.

Boyneista Coffee Dock and Boyne Valley Activities have seamlessly integrated adventure and relaxation, creating a haven that tempts visitors to experience the best of both worlds. Gemma and James’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to their passion, dedication, and ability to continuously evolve their business. With the delightful aroma of delicious cup of coffee and the thrill of kayaking adventures, Boyneista is more than just a place—it’s an experience that captivates and rejuvenates all who venture to the banks of the River Boyne in Trim, County Meath.