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Hey there, coffee enthusiasts! Let’s take a journey into the captivating world of coffee sourcing. Today, we’re going to dive into the fascinating realm of coffee origins and varieties, and how they shape the flavours that make our morning brew a delicious experience. Here is what we cover in this blog:

  • Regions and how they are different
  • What influences the various tastes
  • Types of common processes to deliver a unique cup
  • Sourcing program and initiatives
  • How Essence Coffee choose their green coffee beans
  • How roasting combine these coffees

Why Sourcing from Different Coffee Regions Matters

First things first, ever wondered why coffee bags proudly flaunt their origin? Well, it’s because the geographical region where coffee is grown has a significant impact on its taste. Think about it like this: just as wine grapes get their unique flavours from the soil, climate, and altitude of their vineyard, coffee beans soak up distinct flavours from their growing conditions.

Flavour Profiles Galore

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee that carries you away to far-off lands with each sip. This is the magic of flavour profiles derived from different coffee bean origins. For example, beans from Ethiopia might deliver a lively and fruity punch, while those from Colombia could be smooth and nutty. The earthy notes of Indonesian beans and the chocolatey undertones of beans from Central America add to this delightful flavour journey.

Terroir: The Hidden Influencer

Now, let’s talk about the cool factor that’s often overlooked – terroir. You might have heard this term while discussing wines, but it’s just as relevant to coffee. Terroir is like the fingerprint of coffee taste, shaped by factors like altitude, rainfall, soil composition, and even the nearby flora. The higher the altitude, the slower the beans mature, resulting in more intricate flavours. It’s like nature’s secret code for crafting a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

A Dash of Science and a Whole Lot of Art

Coffee sourcing isn’t just about picking beans from various regions; it’s the art of combining science and intuition. Roasters and tasters work their magic to bring out the best in each bean. They tweak the roasting process to hit that sweet spot between preserving the unique flavours of the origin and unlocking the beans’ hidden potential.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

But wait, there’s more to the story. The journey of coffee beans isn’t just about taste; it’s about livelihoods too. Sourcing high-quality coffee beans from different regions isn’t just a pursuit of flavours; it’s also a responsibility to the farmers who work hard to cultivate these beans. Supporting ethical and sustainable practices not only ensures fantastic coffee but also uplifts the communities behind the beans.

From Farms to Your Cup

At Essence Coffee we are carefully selecting coffee beans from 17 distinct origins across Central America, South America, east Africa, and Indonesia. These origins provide us with a diverse range of flavours and characteristics that contribute to the exceptional taste of our coffee. We opt for speciality grade green coffee beans, focusing on both washed and naturally processed varieties, which play a crucial role in bringing out the distinct flavours during our roasting process. Washed processing involves removing the coffee cherry’s outer layers before drying the beans, resulting in a cleaner taste. Natural processing lets the beans dry within the cherry, imparting fruity and intense flavours. Our commitment to responsible sourcing is at the core of our operations, as we actively seek out unique coffees and support farm initiatives. Every region we source from adds its own touch of acidity and unique flavour notes, allowing us to expertly blend and roast customised private label batches for our valued wholesale customers.

Final Sip

So there you have it, a glimpse into the enchanting world of coffee sourcing. Each cup you brew is a tribute to the land it came from, the hands that cultivated it, and the expertise that brought it to life. The next time you take a sip, take a moment to appreciate the journey these beans have been on, from distant mountains to your favourite mug. Happy sipping, fellow coffee adventurers!

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