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This coffee comes from 124 women who work with an organization called COMAL. With help from COMAL, these women are working hard to make their coffee better and make sure their farms are good for the environment. They share livestock, use natural ways to help their plants grow, learn about starting businesses and managing money, and always make sure their coffee trees are healthy.

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We source top-quality green coffee beans globally, striving to infuse every cup with passion and premium flavour. Our mission is clear: to consistently roast exceptional coffee. If you are a coffee enthusiast, we offer a wide range of specialty coffee beans online including single origins and specialty blends for you to brew at home. Additionally, we welcome you to experience our craftsmanship through a tour of our coffee roastery. Explore the art of coffee roasting and witness the dedication behind each batch we produce.


I order from Essence coffee all the time and couldn't recommend it more. Quick delivery and excellent customer service. The coffee beans are freshly roasted and are of a high quality.

Michelle Barnett

Best coffee and best company in Ireland I dealt with. Ordering from essence coffee for years now and service and coffee quality always excellent, fast delivery, (ordered coffee on Friday, Saturday morning I have fresh batch at the door) The coffee itself is excellent and freshly roasted (coffee we get is within days of roast date), good selection of different beans and roast styles. Customer service excellent , with personal touch we are just private customer with small orders and it really makes your day when you get bunch of Lindt chocolates or extra bag of coffee to try new variety with the order. 10 stars.

Krzysztof Cieniuch

Excellent coffee! I went to the "factory" to buy some... the owner gave me a tour! Really friendly and informative folk. They encourage people to visit.

Des Rice

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